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Drink, Dance, Enjoy.

Ahoy matey! Settle in and make yerself at home, as comfortable as a pirate in a treasure trove!

ENJOY PREMIUM DRAFT BEER, Crazy shots, Cocktails AND Live entertainment.


Avast ye landlubbers! Hoist yer sails and set course for merriment at Tortuga! Be it a swashbucklin' stag do or a fair maiden's hen party, a birthday bash fit for a buccaneer, or a raucous sporting victory, we be the haven for all yer celebratin' needs! Our lively crew of entertainers be ready to get ye singin' and jiggin' like there be no tomorrow, whilst our hearty crew be at yer service with grins as wide as the seven seas. So weigh anchor and make way to Tortuga, where the rum flows as freely as the good times! Arrr!

Live Music and Events


Live Acoustic acts from 5pm till late every week.   



Live acoustic acts from 4pm till late every week 

Cocktails and shots 

Treasure chests of shots 

Arrr! Feast yer eyes on our showstoppin' treasure chests, laden with booty fit for a true buccaneer! Each chest be holdin' six 50ml smoking shots, aye, guaranteed to make ye feel like ye've struck gold. From A to Z, our pirate shots be a tale of flavors that'll have ye raisin' yer spyglass in delight! Ye'll be reachin' for yer camera to capture the moment as ye explore all 26 flavors, arrr! It'll be a journey worth takin', matey, as ye search for the treasure that tickles yer taste buds just right!

Treasure Chest Tentacle.jpg

- Fishbowl Cocktails  -

Only £30

serves 4 - 5 people

Happy Moments

- Dormund Vier 2 pint stein -

Only £9



36 Sandhill


Newcastle Upon Tyne 


Opening Hours

Friday: 2pm till late  

Saturday: 12pm till late

Sunday: 2pm -10pm

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